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Matt Miazga, Jesse Marsch and Luis Robles make MLS Team of Week 17

THREE Red Bulls in the official MLS Team of the Week (well, if you include the coach and the bench, it's three) is a sign of a good week's work in RBNY land.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

If you spend any time at all on Twitter in the vicinity of MLS or New York Red Bulls' chatter, you may have noticed Matt Miazga put in a performance against NYCFC that brought the meme-makers out in force:

Well played, Matt. further recognition has arrived in the form of official praise from the league itself: Miazga is the only RBNY player named to the starting lineup of MLS Team of the Week for Week 17.

But he is not the only RBNY player in the 18: Luis Robles gets a spot on the TotW bench; Jesse Marsch has been named coach of the week.

All just reward for a week in which the Red Bulls finally snapped a four-game losing streak and scrapped their way to back-to-back wins.