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Report: Kevin-Prince Boateng drops Galatasaray hint, goes on vacation

KPB is taking a break with his family, but he left behind a little Twitter-clue for fans and media to ponder...

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Kevin-Prince Boateng is on vacation, which seems an entirely reasonable thing to do when one has been abruptly cast aside by one's employer. Italian outlet Lettera43 reported the soon-to-be-former Schalke player and on-again-off-again Ghana international was in Greece, absent fiancee Melissa Satta. More drama for Boateng?

Not at all. First, as Lettera43 conceded in its curious article about a man on holiday in Europe, Satta's absence was simply because she had work to do and Boateng - for the moment - does not. Second, the alone-time was brief. Within a few hours of the Italian article's publication, KPB was cheerfully announcing that he and his family were heading out to enjoy a vacation.

Boateng is active on social media. He uses it to plug the family fashion line...

...keep up with old friends...

...and just generally stay in touch with his fans - of which there are more than a million following him on Twitter. He knows what he decides to say in 140 characters or less gets attention.

Consequently, it may be significant that he decided to Re-Tweet Wesley Sneijder's celebration of Galatasaray's recently concluded league-and-cup double-winning season.

Huh. What does KPB care about Galatasaray? Well, last week, the Turkish media reported he'd signed a deal with the club - but Boateng's agent came out fast to quash that rumor (while admitting he knew the Istanbul club was "interested"). With a single tweet, Boateng has sent the rumor mill spinning once more.

Fans of the New York Red Bulls will be familiar with what Galatasaray supporters are going through: we had our own whirlwind courtship of the Ghanaian star. We were told RBNY had laid down a Discovery Claim on Boateng - a sign of intent to negotiate at the very least.

And then the rumor was summarily dismissed by head coach Jesse Marsch. It's hard to interpret "isn't happening" as anything other than a flat rejection of any possibility Boateng might land at Red Bull Arena.

Most RBNY fans likely stopped caring about Boateng's career plans once Marsch landed that death blow on the suggestion we mght see KPB in red and white. But for those thinking there may still be a chance for as long as the player's future remains uncertain (Say what? Oh. Just me then.): the uncertainty is receding.

A footballer tweeting about football isn't remarkable in itself, but remember the last time a Ghanaian international once-associated with RBNY tweeted about a Euro club he was alleged to be joining...

Michael Essien has since signed for Panathinaikos.

And KPB's future will presumably be settled once he gets back from vacation.