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Derrick Etienne nominated for USL Goal of the Month

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New York Red Bulls II midfielder Derrick Etienne has been nominated for USL Goal of the Month. His first career professional goal helped secure a 3-2 win over FC Montreal on May 24th.

Here are all of the nominees. (Etienne's goal begins at 1:55 in the video.)

That's a clinical, composed finish off a great cross from Anthony WallaceYou should vote for it. I didn't bother watching the other goals because who cares? Vote for Etienne.

Etienne, the captain of the Red Bulls Academy U18s, is committed to attend the University of Virginia in the fall. He is currently on an amateur "Academy contract" with New York Red Bulls II and was recently named to the Haiti U23 National Team.

Where was that link to vote for his goal? Right here.

Arguably, this wasn't even Etienne's best goal in the month of May. He scored off a long run at a nearly impossible angle in a 4-2 loss to the Richmond Kickers on May 30th.

Which goal is better? Probably his second one, but it's the volley against FC Montreal that is in contention for Goal of the Month. So vote. Vote. VOTEEEEEEEEEEE.

Did you vote for Etienne's goal yet? Go vote.