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RBNY MLS Fantasy Recap Week 14: Grella, BWP & Abang

RBNY falls again on the road. This is becoming a trend

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls fell to the Houston Dynamo 4-2 on Friday night after leading 1-0 at halftime.  It seemed as if the Red Bulls thought one goal would be enough and took their foot off the gas during the latter 45 minutes.  RBNY will have time to recollect their thoughts (and their starting defensemen) as their next MLS game isn't until June 20th. However, they do have an Open Cup game on June 16th.  Here were RBNY's top performers against Houston:

Mike Grella (MID, 6 points): Grella is starting to get a reputation for having fancy footwork, but no quality in the final third.  But Grella proved his critics wrong, when he opened up the scoring in the 42nd minute after receiving a pass from BWP.  Rumors are that RBNY are looking to pick up another outside winger, but at the moment, it's Grella's position to lose.

Anatole Bertrand Abang (FWD, 6 points): This is Abang's first appearance on the weekly fantasy recap.  He subbed on for Felipe Martins in the 74th minute and scored 16 minutes later, after a feed from another seldom used player, Marius Obekop.  He seemed a bit lost to start his first few minutes, but put himself in the right place to add RBNY's second goal of the night.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (FWD, 5 points): BWP looked frustrated most of the night as his teammates couldn't find him on through-balls past Houston's back line.  He assisted Grella's goal, but spent the majority of his evening shaking his head in frustration.

Honorable mention: Like Abang, Marius Obekop subbed into the game late, but found his way onto the scoresheet. He assisted Abang's 90th minute goal in his first MLS action this season, earning five points during his four minutes on the field.