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Buy 'Em or Bag 'Em Week 15: Spring Cleaning

RBNY has a bye this week. You should have a strategy to bring them back, slowly

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Roster change deadline: Saturday June 13, 7:00pm ET

Amount of Free Transfers this week: UNLIMITED

The New York Red Bulls dropped a 4-2 decision to the Houston Dynamo on Friday night.  They will have a chance to rest and get some of their players back for their next game on June 20th against the Vancouver Whitecaps.  So the bad news is that you have to wait two weeks to see RBNY play again.

The good news is that you have reached Week 15.  That means you will have unlimited Free Transfers this week, so you can sell off your whole team if you'd like.  In the spirit of this blog, bag the entire RBNY roster.  They will get you zero points this week.  And, you won't have to worry about getting a penalty for more than two transfers.  So let's talk about a strategy for the next two weeks.

There are only five games in Week 15, meaning half of the league is on bye.  So when you make your transfers, make sure that all of the players in your starting XI have a game.  If you have the strategy of maximizing the value of your XI (and putting scrubs on the bench), make it count.  You won't give yourself much wiggle room if you need an auto-sub.

Take your time selecting your new XI (or full 18).  Do your research.  The transfer deadline isn't until Saturday June 13th, so it will give you a few extra days to read injury reports, figure out who is on international duty and see what the Week 16 schedule is so you won't put yourself in a bad situation having to unload players who will eventually go on a bye or have a bad matchup.

And we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but RBNY have a double-game week in Week 17.  Happy transferring!

Buy 'Em

  • Starters from Montreal, NYCFC (maybe not), Columbus, Los Angeles, New England, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Orlando and DC

Bag 'Em

  • All RBNY players
  • Potentially players on the other 9 teams who have a bye in Week 15
  • Keep in mind Columbus & Chicago have byes in Week 16 - don't load up on them in Week 15