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Report: Swansea City's Leon Britton "in the dark" about MLS rumors; Wolverhampton Wanderers and Burnley are circling

Another MLS transfer rumor is struggling to make it out of the first week of June...

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Remember the surprising suggestion that Swansea City midfielder Leon Britton, who has racked up nearly 500 appearances for his current club, might be contemplating a move to MLS? Sure you do: it was only about a week ago.

One of the first fresh MLS transfer rumors of June now appears to be withering on the vine. Shortly after The Sun broke the news of Britton's possible move to the USA (MLS is always the USA in the British press; it's not personal, Canada), the South Wales Evening Post got the man himself to concede that he's so far down the depth chart at Swansea (sixth-choice, it is said) that he has little option but to see what other opportunities might be waiting for him:

I said to the manager that I can't do another season not playing. I have two years left on my contract, but I am 32 and I don't want to be not playing at this age, so I have said to the manager that I will look at my options.

And the rumor mill has duly delivered two solid alternatives to his current predicament: Wolverhampton Wanderers and Burnley, both Championship clubs with Premier League ambitions, are reportedly eyeing the 32-year-old midfielder. Wolves manager Kenny Jackett - who coached Britton at Swansea about a decade ago - is said to be particularly interested.

What of that MLS rumor? "Unlikely" says Wales Online. The South Wales Evening Post reported Britton was "in the dark" about any possible move across the Atlantic.

Was the original report just a little tactical gossip to generate some interest closer to home? That was the thinking of OaM's Shiloh Grayson when this rumor first broke, and it seems he might have had a point. The MLS talk has died down as soon as there was some serious British-club interest to report.

Britton seems likely to remain in Britain - at least until or unless talks with Wolves or Burnley fail to materialize, at which point we look forward to fresh round of MLS chat from the rumor mill.