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Rumor: Queretaro president says Ronaldinho rumors not true; rumor mill says Brazilian wants LA Galaxy or Vasco da Gama

No end to these Ronaldinho rumors, even when his own club says there should be.

Lucas Uebel/Getty Images

The Ronaldinho rumor mill never really stops. In the last 24 hours, for example, we have been told by Spanish outlet Marca that the Brazilian playmaker with a playboy reputation is "tired of having nothing to do after practice" at current club Queretaro.

His preference? LA Galaxy of MLS. Per Marca, Ronaldinho is "very excited about the idea of living in Los Angeles."

There are all sorts of reasons to quibble with this suggestion, most relating to the fact LA Galaxy seems to have neither the roster space (it's big-name Designated Player spots are full at the moment, though MLS can always change its rules if need be) nor the glaring tactical need for such a player.

But the biggest reason to doubt Marca's sources is Queretaro president Joaquin Beltran, who insists the club has received no offers for Ronaldinho, and the player has indicated he will see out his contract. And any move would require some input from the Mexican club, since Ronaldinho has another year still to run on his contract.

So he's not going to the Galaxy. Maybe. Undeterred, the rumor mill has moved swiftly to a new target: Vasco da Gama.

A series of tweets from Brazilian journalist Thiago Tostes explains:

Rough translation: Vasco is terminating a few contracts but...

Rough translation: ....this clears the way for negotiation with Ronaldinho...

Rough translation: ...sources say talks are well underway and the player himself is in Rio...

Rough translation: ...the club still has to meet with Ronaldinho's brother and manager, Assis, to close the deal...

Rough translation: ...and friends like Kaka are still trying to persuade Ronaldinho to move to America.

Vasco has been linked to Ronaldinho before - fairly recently - so it isn't entirely surprising to hear the club's name again. Just as it won't be surprising when the rumor mill moves this rumor along to a new target. We'll do our best to keep up.