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REPORT: Ronaldinho out at Queretaro, could move to MLS, Vasco da Gama, Brazil

Everyone's favorite no. 10 is back on the market, BABY!

Hey 'Dinho
Hey 'Dinho
Lucas Uebel/Getty Images

Ronaldinho is reportedly a free agent.

According to a report from ESPN Deportes, Queretaro manager Victor Manuel Vucetich has begun expressing that the Brazilian is not in his plans for the 2015 Apetura.

Vucetich stressed that this evening will be completed to define what happens to the Brazilian, but the intention is not to remain in the state. Within hours, while negotiations continue, the situation will be defined completely. Monday in the Spanish press was learned that the Los Angeles Galaxy could be your new destination.

Queretaro had been in no rush to accept offers for Ronaldinho, and was adamant that the forward was part of their plans for the next season as recently as Jun. 8.

Apparently, that has changed in the past 24 hours. Reports show that Vucetic said that Queretaro needs players on the "rise and not the fall," a dig at Ronaldihno's current form. He was under contract at Queretaro through summer 2016.

The rumor mill, like these developments, is not as patient. 'Dinho has been linked to the Los Angeles Galaxy and Brazilian club Vasco da Gama. It would not be Ronaldinho's first stop in Rio de Janeiro, as he played for rival Flamengo in the 2011 season.

Vasco is apparently making preparations for a big acquisition:

Translation: Vasco still terminating with players, to be able to hire a 10 weight shirt; Ronaldinho, Diego Souza and Diego Ribas in the list.

This is not the first time Ronaldinho has been linked to the LA Galaxy. He was linked there last November, and in the past year has been linked to the New York Red Bulls, and Orlando City as well.