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Dane Richards loaned by New York Red Bulls to Indy Eleven

The winger will be with the NASL club through the rest of the season, unless recalled by July 27.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Players come, and players go.

Winger Dane Richards has been loaned to the Indy Eleven of the North American Soccer League.

According to a spokesperson for the New York Red Bulls, "MLS has the right to recall Dane on or before July 27th, 2015," otherwise the loan will be in effect for the rest of the 2015 season.

The Red Bulls will also receive partial budget relief from the loan.

"This loan will open up a [roster] spot. Counting that Dane is on loan and no longer taking up a spot, we are now at 26 players," the spokesperson told Once a Metro.

Dane Richards has made 12 appearances with the Red Bulls this season, with one start.

With Peguy Luyindula retiring, and Andrew Jean-Baptiste being waived, it would appear that the Richards loan would leave the team with 25 roster spots, although that appears not to be the case. The Red Bulls website only lists 25 players. This count of 26 could include Ryan Meara who is on a season-long intra-league to New York City FC and does not take up a spot on the Red Bulls' roster.

Anyway, we wish Dane luck in Indianapolis. Or, we will see him back in the next two and a half weeks!