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Rampone: "It's been absolutely amazing"

World Cup captain glad to be back in New Jersey and should be ready to play in Sky Blue's next match

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The life as captain of the World Cup champion United States Women Soccer Team has been "like living a dream," according to Captain America, Christie Rampone, as she met the media before tonight's Sky Blue FC match at Yurcak Field at Rutgers University.

Rallies in Los Angeles, television appearances on "Good Morning America" and then a historical ticker-tape parade in New York City before hundreds of thousands of fans.

Then reality hits.

"I was up early taking Rylie (her daughter) to a soccer tournament this morning," she said. "It was back to mom duty."

Rampone, the oldest woman to play in the World Cup, was still a little in awe of what has been happening the last month, but especially the last 10 days.

"It's been a whirlwind," Rampone said. "It's been absolutely amazing. Starting with the celebration in LA and then yesterday. Going from West Coast to East Coast. It was incredible. We never expected like anything like that for playing soccer. The parade and getting the key to the city. It just doesn't get any better than that. I took it all in. I was taking video and taking pictures."

The only thing Rampone missed was the Taylor Swift concert at MetLife Stadium last night.

"My daughter would have killed me if she found out I went and didn't take her," she said.

The last active player from the 1999 World Cup team, Rampone also knew

Some of other insights from her during "Welcome Home Weekend"

  • She expects to play in the Olympics and for Sky Blue FC next year. "I feel good and as long as I'm healthy, that's' what I'll do.
  • More boys recognized here at her daughter's tournament. "That was interesting. The boys figured out I was there before the boys."
  • On what was going through her head as she was being subbed in at the end of the 5-2 World Cup clinching match versus Japan. "I was just hoping I would get in before the time ran out.But it was great to be on the field with the team to celebrate."
  • On more celebrations: "Monmouth (University) wants to do something. So does Manasquan and Jersey Shore Medical Center. But nothing is concrete."
  • Rampone admitted the rest of the team is exhausted and should be back on the field during the next game
  • .During the pregame, the four US players in attendance - Rampone, Kelly O'Hara, Alex Morgan and Tobin Heath - were all recognized and introduced to the crowd.  World Cup players from Canada, Australia and Mexico playing on both teams were also recognized.