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RUMOR: New York Red Bulls in on Chicharito could steal Mexican star from Orlando City

The rumor mill hooks a big fish.

but that's not a red bulls jersey?
but that's not a red bulls jersey?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Could the Little Pea be headed to the Big Apple?

Javier Hernandez, aka Chicharito, has been linked to MLS for quite some time during this transfer window, mostly Orlando City SC. Now it's time for agents to leak out other teams to make the illusion of a bidding war happening.

Enter, the New York Red Bulls.

According to a report from Record, the Red Bulls have begun to "join the bidding" for the Mexican star, and that the Red Bulls are, "an attractive alternate destination."

The Red Bulls currently have definitely 2, possibly 3, roster spots open, and every team in MLS could always use a world class striker to bolster their forward-corps.

Chicharito would come at a massive price though. Orlando City is reportedly offering $10 million a year in salary for the Mexican International, which would be the richest MLS contract ever.

Augusto da Silva tole reporters at halftime in OCSC's last match against FC Dallas on Jul. 11, reported the Orlando Sentinel, that the team is in negotiations for Hernandez, but Orlando is not the only one bidding to land him.

"Right now we don't have anything done, and you know during the process of negotiations -- where many clubs have interest, including us," Silva said

"The less we talk about it the better. So we'll see if there is a possibility and then we'll move forward."

The $10 million dollar salary does not fit in with the Red Bulls current model. The team has reportedly reduced its payroll to between $4 and 5 million and according to other reports, operated at a league-worst loss last year.