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Match Predictions: Orlando City SC vs New York Red Bulls

Where we wonder if the Florida heat will deter the Red Bulls.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls travel down to Florida for their first MLS match against Orlando City SC. Here's how we predicted the match.

Name W/L/D RBNY Goals OCSC Goals Why
Steve Toto Win 3 1 The Red Bulls are well rested and ready to start another winning streak. Orlando has a few injuries to their defensemen, so scoring lanes will open up
Patrick Glodkowski Win 3 0 We're on a good run with lots of things clicking for the team. If Miazga's playing - I'm confident he'll shut out Kaka like he's done with Villa. Good run of form doesn't seem to be going anywhere
Aaron Bauer Win 4 3 kaka scores three we score four.
Bobby Draw 2 2 For some odd reason I feel as if we're are going to be seeing quite a number of goals for both clubs this weekend. I am predicting a 2-2 draw, with Kaka scoring at least one?
Brian Stone Draw 2 2 Kaka is on fire, RBNY midfield is the team's real strength and I think neutralizing that will have a huge effect on the game.
Ryan Dolan Win 2 0 New York played claw-some last time out. If they continue their trend of being the more cathletic team on the field they'll obtain a paw-sitive result. While I'm not convinced they'll be able to play like this fur-ever, especially given the hiss-tory of the team, the tail-ent level is certainly there. It'll take an udder cat-astrophe to lose to the in-furior Orlando City on Caturday!
Alex Showell Draw 1 1 This will be a slow game due to the humidity and heat. Kaka will get one for Orlando, but the Red Bulls will claw one back.
Anthony Ali Win 2 1 The Red Bulls have more of an identity than Orlando City at the moment, and this cohesion will lead to them getting the result. Lloyd Sam and Bradley Wright-Phillips are both in good form, and with the injuries to the back line, the Lions won't have the quality they need to stop them.
Jason Iapicco Draw 1 1 Listen to this week's Red Bull Rant.
Pat MacDonald Draw 2 2 Listen to this week's Red Bull Rant.
Truman Win 2 1 Listen to this week's Red Bull Rant.
RBR Guest Loss 1 2 Listen to this week's Red Bull Rant.