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Roy Miller and Costa Rica got screwed last night in the Gold Cup


Elsa/Getty Images

In a shocking turn of events, Mexico won a match against a CONCACAF opponent via some very fortuitous referee decisions.

At the end of extra time, El Tri’s Oribe Peralta couldn’t get his head on a cross. So he decided to pull a Greg Louganis and the referee fell for it. A foul was called on Roy Miller (who entered the match as a substitute), a penalty was awarded, and Mexico converted that penalty. They won 1-0 and advance to the semifinals to play against who-gives-a-crap-because-you'll-probably-be-screwed-by-terrible-CONCACAF-refs.

Was it an awful call? See for yourself.

So, obviously, complete crap. A shameful decision by the referee in a match that should have gone to penalties.

But wait, there's more! Peralta shouldn't have even been on the field at the end of the match giving him the opportunity to flop like Flippper.

Earlier in the match he was responsible for this horror tackle. The center official, in his infinite wisdom, thought that this was only worthy of a yellow card. You make the call: obvious red or no sh** it's an obvious red.

Disgusting, disgraceful, and dis... dis... dis is terrible? (I'm sorry. It's early.) The official claimed that he only gave a yellow here because he didn't want to influence the outcome of the match. So his penalty call... what was that? Or did he mean that he didn't want to influence the outcome of the match, but left off the "in favor of Costa Rica" part because he seemed to have no trouble throwing his weight around to help out Mexico.

I feel awful for Roy Miller. He doesn't deserve this. He's just a cog in the "CONCACAF referees making decisions that are beneficial to Mexico (and sometimes the United States)" machine that we've seen over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. The machine that will continue to pump out favorable results for certain teams at the expense of others.

Sorry, Roy Miller. Sorry, Costa Rica. You deserve better.