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Another Fantasy Option Available to Fans of MLS

Goodbye Yahoo!, Hello DraftKings

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After only seven weeks of operation, Yahoo! announced on April 21st that it would be discontinuing its MLS Fantasy offering. After three months of only being able to play through, MLS has announced a new partnership with DraftKings as a second option.

DraftKings is well-known for its one-day fantasy leagues, enticing fanatics who don't want to be tied to a team for an entire season. The site will be offering free, as well as paid leagues. They claim to be the #2 player in daily fantasy behind FanDuel, but expect Yahoo! to make a big play in the space over the next one to two years.

One-day leagues have been gaining popularity lately. According to The Fields of Greens, fantasy sports currently is an $11B business, with the average user spending $111 per year. Over 41M people in the U.S. played some form of fantasy sports last year alone.

As for the MLS offerings, you will be able to choose from many head-to-head competitions. As of the writing, there are about 1100 players currently signed up, but about 1000 of them are in the free league. The most expensive league with active players is one with a $109 entry fee.