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REPORT: Red Bulls signing Shaun Wright-Phillips is imminent

The reinforcements are coming! The reinforcements are coming!

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

A signing may be coming very soon, with a familiar name.

Taylor Twellman of ESPN says the New York Red Bulls are on the verge of signing Shaun Wright-Phillips, the brother of star striker Bradley Wright-Phillips.

Shaun has been training with the team for weeks, after attending his brother's wedding last month, while rumors of negotiations followed.

It appears those negotiations, which hit a snag earlier, have finally be resolved.

As it stands, the Red Bulls have either 2 or 3 open roster spots, and have brought in two players on trial along with Wright-Phillips training with the team.

SWP is currently out of a contract after playing parts of the last four seasons with Premier League and Championship team Queens Park Rangers. He plays as a winger, something the Red Bulls could always use.

When asked for comment Once a Metro contributor Lester Townsend said, "Maybe this works, maybe it doesn't."

EDIT: It looks like SWP's contract will not be a designated player contract. Whether the Red Bulls used Targeted Allocation or regular allocation to fit him in, is to be determined:

How do you feel about the potential signing? Is SWP the missing piece for this season? Is MLS as wide open as it seems to be? Does any of this matter?