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Sean Davis played 45 minutes in the Chipotle Homegrown Game but the best Chipotle burrito filling is still peppers and onions

What is a homegrown game? Sean Davis played in it. But more importantly burritos

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Sean Davis is done with his all star duty, playing the first half of the 2015 Chipotle MLS Homegrown Game.

Once A Metro will have your recap of the game shortly.

In honor of Sean Davis completing 45 minutes of the Chipotle Homegrown Game I am going to rank my five favorite Chipotle fillings. I averaged 3 trips to Chipotle a week when I worked in Atlanta, so I consider myself an expert.

1.  Peppers and Onions

The choice none of you were expecting. People like to go for the meat, the guac, and the cheese first, but really they're all wasting their time on inferior toppings to let the best ones just sit there in a lonely metal tin. The spices they use on the peppers and onions are supreme, and they take any burrito to the next level. Just trust me on this one, I am an expert.

2. Meat

Without the meat what are you even doing? I guess you are allowed the agency to be a vegetarian and I will not look down upon that choice of yours. Choices are important. Chipotle loves choices. But seriously, you gotta get that juicy meat for the burrito. My preference is steak, sometimes with chicken thrown in as a complement and a wild card. Steak AND Chicken for a burrito? I live dangerously. It is even more of a treat when the steak is medium-rare. Ooo boy they cook that just right. I want a burrito.

3. Hot Sauce

The medium salsa and pico are lacking in punch. The pico takes up too much space and causes the integrity of the burrito to become compromised sometimes. Why even bother if you aren't getting hot sauce?

4. Rice

The staple of any good burrito. Had to put rice on this top 5 list. You also can't go wrong with white or brown rice. It's slightly seasoned with herbs to give it a bit of flavor, which pairs very well with the rest of the burrito. The hot sauce seeps into the rice, along with the juices of the steak, and oh my god I don't think I can finish this list I need to get my burrito right now why are there no chipotles in Brazil?

5. Extra tortilla

If you fill your burrito up enough, the workers at Chipotle will sometimes see the burrito's integrity has become compromised and rip occurs. In this case they rewrap the burrito with a second tortilla around it. This creates perfection. Chipotle is perfection. Chipotle is love. Chipotle is life.

Do you like chipotle? Was this article sponsored by Chipotle? I'll never tell.