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Battle of the Bridges: Jackson Street vs Commodore Barry

This is more important than what happens on the field.

While the New York Red Bulls look to avenge two losses to the Philadelphia Union on Saturday, there is a bigger battle no one is talking about, the Battle of the Bridges. Don't worry, while you are focused on the action at PPL, the Once a Metro Bridge Inspectors® are here to help. Let's compare the Jackson Street Bridge by Red Bull Arena and the Commodore Barry Bridge by PPL Park.


Jackson Street Bridge is found spanning the Passaic River, connecting Newark, NJ to Harrison, NJ. The latter being the home of the Red Bulls. Newark is also the most populous city in the state of New Jersey and is home to the Ironbound district, home to the game day bars of the Empire Supporters' Club, Garden State Ultras, and Viking Army.

The Commodore Barry Bridge spans the Delaware river connecting Bridgeport, NJ and Chester, PA, the home of the Union. Bridgeport is nothing to speak of and Chester is nothing outside of PPL Park, which is in of itself terrible.

Advantage: With more going on around it, Jackson Street Bridge.


The Jackson Street Bridge was originally opened in 1903 after construction started 6 years earlier. It underwent an upgrade in 1991 and received new overhead lights in 2012. It is listed on the NJ Register of Historic Places and is eligible for the National Register.

Commodore Barry was opened in 1974 after construction began in 1969. It's not even old enough for AARP membership.

Advantage: Over 112 years versus 41. No contest. Jackson Street Bridge.


Jackson Street Bridge: It can swing open to allow for traffic in two directions on the river.

Commodore Barry: It's tall.

Advantage: Anything mechanical is immediately better. Jackson Street Bridge


Jackson Street: None

Commodore Barry: $5 when entering Pennsylvania (below is an older photo).

Tolls to Penn

Advantage: Who wants to pay to go to Pennsylvania? Jackson Street Bridge

Access for Supporters

This is probably the most important thing on the list.

Jackson Street:

Commodore Barry: (dramatic reenactment)

AdvantageJackson Street Bridge.


It's not even close. Jackson Street Bridge.