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Report: Gonzalo Veron confirms move to RBNY - "It's time for a change"

Is Veron signing for RBNY? He thinks so.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

In a valedictory interview with ESPN FC Argentina, Gonzalo Veron revealed he was not aware of even the possibility of a transfer from San Lorenzo to the New York Red Bulls. The way he tells it, he found out about the proposed deal on Wednesday of this week - when he was told to stop training - and he was on his way to New York by Friday.

If he really did get punted out to RBNY without warning, he has adjusted admirably to the news:

"I am very happy. It is a nice challenge. I was investigating, I saw how they play and their style of play.I hope to be quiet and do what I did in San Lorenzo "

The player thanked his former employer and teammates, but was candid about the fact that he welcomed a fresh start:

"I think it's time for a change of air, because I was not having continuity. That was essential. "

We are still waiting for RBNY to announce his signing (the ESPN Argentina piece notes that Veron had not yet signed a contract with the Red Bulls at the time of his interview), but San Lorenzo's president has already acknowledged a deal has been agreed, Veron himself saying goodbye to his old club via the Argentine press, and there is no shortage of confirmations and travel itineraries to be found on Twitter:

Welcome, Gonzalo. Hope you find this change agreeable.