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New York Red Bulls' USWNT parade float honors women's youth soccer in area

The team reveals what's on the float after a day of speculation.

Harry How/Getty Images

Earlier today it was announced the Red Bulls, along with New York City FC, were going to have a float in the United States Women's National Team victory parade.

Many were quick to decry the team for jumping in on an event that had nothing to do with them, as it could show that the USWNT couldn't get a parade solely celebrating their own accomplishments.

It soon came out the parade was mostly financed by New York City itself and a few sponsors including MLS, which could explain the floats from the Red Bulls and NYCFC.

Due to the haste with which the parade was put together, details of what the float would consist of were scant due to the fluidity of the situation. Once a Metro caught up with Marguerite Ferrell and Molly Brady of the New York Red Bulls, who helped coordinate the float.

Ferrell is the Senior Manager of Coach Recruitment and Education with the Red Bulls, but also works with the female regional development schools the team runs, and Molly Brady is the Red Bulls' Social Media Manager.

"In our grassroots program we target and coach players from 5 to 14 years old, 50 percent of our programs are made up of young girls. Our [Regional Development School] is a pre-academy program and we have about 3,000 players and half of them are made up of young ladies," Ferrell said to Once a Metro.

"We really push [our young girls] to become elite players. We teach them to recognize college atmospheres and push to also play professionally whether for local teams here or nationally."

According to the team, four of those RDS girls will feature on the float, along with Anna Rose, a local Special Olympics goaltender. Ferrell and Brady will also ride on the float, to honor the work they've done to promote women's soccer in the area.

"This week is Soccer Week in Special Olympics New Jersey, and one of the athletes we've been working with is Anna Rose, and she's fantastic," Brady said to Once a Metro.

"She says that she is Hope Solo, and Solo is her hero and that's who she channels. We're so excited that during Soccer Week she will be able to come out and be on the float with us."

No first team members of the New York Red Bulls will be on the float, as the aim is to promote women's soccer and its grassroots development around New York City.