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NYRB II v. Newtown

Soccer arrives in the Big City of dreams.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

"Excuse me, can you sign my shirt?" is the most meaningful thing I heard all night.

That question, directed at Newtown Pride goalie Andrew Nucifora, came from a pint-sized tyke with a marker in his hand. Competitions and rivalries sure are fun, but when it comes down to it, humans sharing in one another's company is what sports are really about. Nowhere is that more evident than when you're the kid asking for the autograph of someone older, bigger and stronger than you. Setting foot on that stage whether it be the Ballpark at Harbor Yard or Wembley Stadium doesn't matter. The fact that you were on the team, doing things under the lights that I couldn't aspire to in a million years, however, does.

Now, it's impossible to think about Newtown without the tragedy crossing your mind. However, the first thought I now have is that urge I had as a kid to walk forth with your fellow man and maybe, just maybe, try to get that shirt signed.

And now, soccer at a ballpark!

BPT Promos

If I were one to poke fun at things I would... So here goes!

Bobby Valentine Bobble Head - I hope it comes with a mustache.

Mechanical Bull/Rally Time T Shirt - Your ego walking into western bar/ your ego afterwards

Ghostbusters Night featuring the Ecto - 1A - Is that like this?

MMA & Karate Night/ Fairfield Community Night - Believe it or not, Fairfield has always grappled with the debate of one martial art or all the martial arts put together.

Gamer Night/"Keep Calm & Fish On" T-Shirt giveaway - Maybe they're giving out those sweet Bass Fishin' handheld games. Reminds me of waiting for the bus when I went to middle school.

POINT OF ORDER! Does SB Nation have a fishing blog? If not, I call dibs. I'll take this all the way up to Matt Ufford if I have to!

Faith & Family Night/ Mystery Specialty Jerseys - Faith and family are foundations for the human condition. Mystery specialty jerseys are what provide the spontaneity that we all truly need.

Medical Industry Night/ Stratford Community Night - Both good things. The medical industry has the slogan "Do no harm" and the Town of Stratford's is "Offering more from forest to shore".

Elvis Impersonator/ Bark in the Park (Paw Print Emoji) - This has to be a rivalry game. There's no other reason I can bring my hound dog to the park whilst running into 20 different renditions of "Hound Dog".

Pictured: The Best Version of Elvis

David Letterman Appreciation Night - I'm really curious how you pull this off without a bobblehead and/or a Letterman appearance.

Insurance & Real Estate Night/ B. B. pin giveaway - Your guess is as good as mine.

James O'Rourke bobblehead giveaway -

Beach night/ Hawaiian T-Shirt giveaway -

Sikorsky Specialty Jerseys

Homeruns for Heroes Night/ ZOOperstars -

I'm not much of a mascots guy, but Wow-Heck do these guys know how to put on a show. They're more than just puns (that makes one of us).

Doctors vs. Lawyers Night - Do we have to include dentists?


Summer thunderstorms did their thing and made for a sloppy field, leading to a little delay for kickoff. Thanks to my more technically versed colleague at Bent Musket the lineup sheet looked like this:

Both teams played an even match for most of the game with plenty of open plays. After an early Sanchez goal, Mike Semedo was able to equalize for Newtown in the 12th and cheers rained down from first base to third base. In the 68th minute, new kid on the block, Stefano Bonomo was able to net a beauty. At this point, fatigue had begun to set in for the underdog, eventually conceding 5 goals to NYRB II, but not before giving the home crowd a lift.

Soccer is woven into the fiber of Newtown , and once again demonstrates its ability to provide the positive force that all communities need.