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Vote for Luis Robles for MLS Save of Week 23

It's that time of the week when we solicit your help for Luis Robles.

Ben Solomon/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

You saw it: Mix Diskerud timed his run perfectly and thwacked a volley at the New York Red Bulls' goal - only to watch Luis Robles parry the shot. What do you want from a Save of the Week? Anticipation? Reflexes? Technique? Positioning?

In  Week 23 against NYC FC, Luis Robles provided all of those things in one save that is, not coincidentally, up for your consideration for Save of the Week.

Robles is following the cross and has set himself in the position he believes is best to handle the shot he knows is coming before Diskerud touches the ball. The shot comes in with power, and Robles has a blink to adjust his hands and body to take some pace off the ball and direct it away from danger - which in this case is up in the air as there are so many bodies in the box a straight block could easily ricochet back into the net.

That whole calculation is made in less than a second, because that's all the time he has to react to the shot as it is made. Diskerud is banking on power to beat the 'keeper, and Robles has a fleeting moment to respond. And then, having prevented a goal no one would have blamed him for conceding, he's back on his feet and in position to stifle the next attempt.

Vote Robles!

Then find a way to vote again!