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Eight for Eight, bonus track: Au Revoir, Peguy

For those who missed it the first time - and those who simply want another excuse to enjoy it: JasonRBNY's tribute to Peguy.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Once A Metro's Eight for Eight tribute to Peguy Luyindula is complete. If you missed it, here's where you can find each and every piece:

Part 1: Huan Nguyen thanks Peguy for the memories

Part 2: Robert Celentano considers Luyindula's importance to RBNY on and off the pitch

Part 3: Nick Abbott addresses the role Peguy played in Mike Petke's evolution as a coach

Part 4: Huan Nguyen remembers Peguy's first goal for RBNY

Part 5: Aaron Bauer hails Peguy the Vanquisher

Part 6: Aaron Bauer describes Luyindula's greatest game for RBNY

Part 7: Jake Evans recalls the greatest individual playoff performance the club has ever witnessed

Part 8: Lester Townsend makes the case for Peguy as club legend

He never got a big send-off by New York Red Bulls, though we certainly hope that gets put right at some point in the future. Until then: Thanks, Peguy. And au revoir.