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Happy Birthday, Thierry Henry

Today is Henry's birthday. We thought we'd wish him well with a memory or two.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

August 17, 2015 is Thierry Henry's 38th birthday.

Happy birthday, Titi!

How to commemorate this occasion? Well, we thought we'd offer a clip of your 38th goal for the New York Red Bulls. It arrived on May 26, 2013 against Columbus Crew in a league match that finished 2-2. It was rather good.

But if we're talking highlights of your career at RBNY that involve Columbus, we ought to include the most remarkable goal you ever scored in your time in MLS.

Still amazing, even (almost) three years after the fact. (That was career goal #30 for RBNY, by the way.)

Just two goals out of 52 you scored for the Red Bulls. An inadequate gift, to be sure. But we'll take any excuse to enjoy your work in MLS.

Thanks for the memories, Thierry. Hope you have a great day. Come visit us soon, eh? The Arena would be delighted to see you again.