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Red Bull Arena Seating Guide: The South Ward

In the first of our seating guide series, we look at the South Ward, home to the Red Bulls Supporters.

With season ticket renewals starting and new fans wondering if they should jump in on tickets for next year, we here at Once a Metro bring to you, the Red Bull Arena Seating Guide! This will be a series of posts looking at different areas of the stadium (Sideline, Corner, etc) that we'll be running over the next few days. We kick it off though with the loudest sections in Red Bull Arena, The South Ward!

Red Bull Arena Seating Guide

The South Ward

Sections: 101, 102, 133

Seating - SW

When Red Bull Arena was built, it needed an area for the ravenous members of the Empire Supporters Club (established 1995) and Garden State Ultras (established 2005) to sit. It was decided that the sections behind the goal on the South Side of the stadium would be used and thus the South Ward was born. In 2010 the Viking Army was born and they would join the South Ward in 2011.

The South Ward is a set of sections unlike any other in the stadium. It is the only 3 sections where people are expected to stand and sing for every minute of a match. The video below was recorded at the 2013 home opener and is an example of what the sections do.

Tickets for the sections can be purchased on a season ticket or individual game basis. The one advantage to have when going into this area of the stadium (aside from being able to sing for over 90 minutes) is to be a member of one of the groups. Each group is offered a discount on tickets for their assigned section. The Garden State Ultras resides in section 133, the Empire Supporters Club takes up section 101, and the Viking Army is in 102.

The other thing to know is that this section is generally treated as general admission by those who fill it up on match day. You may have a ticket for the front row but seats are a first come first serve basis, so make sure to get there early if you want to sit there.

The main rule though: cheer on the Red Bulls for 90 minutes and have fun.