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Red Bulls come in at 12th in Forbes Rankings

For whatever that is worth.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes, for those who don't know, is a magazine/website that focuses on reporting financial news. Every one in a while they evaluate the worth of sports teams. Every once in a while, those evaluations are focused on MLS teams. When they focus on MLS teams, they often fail to do one thing, explain their methodology.

So, it should be no surprise that the New York Red Bulls current valuation by Forbes' writer Chris Smith has the team valued at $144 million, and 12th among all MLS teams that were around last year, minus Chivas USA. For comparison, in 2013, the Red Bulls were valued at a total of $114 million. Here's the difference between the last two valuations.

Year Value Revenue Operating Income
2013 114 28.1 -6.3
2105 144 22 -9
Difference 30 -6.1 -2.7

Again, no criteria were cited, so it's hard to see if the numbers hold up, but the big difference is the Red Bulls standing in the league. In 2013, the Red Bulls were 6th out of 19, and in 2015, they are 12th out of 18. Team that have jumped past the Red Bulls are:

  • Sporting Kansas City - who have for their part been consistent in performance and attendance.
  • Chicago Fire - Confusing based off of their older stadium and falling results.
  • New England - Probably helped by Jermain Jones and a run to MLS Cup.
  • FC Dallas - Always seem to lag in terms of attendance.
  • San Jose - finished near the bottom of MLS in 2014, and Avaya Stadium didn't open until this year.

What do you think of Forbes' valuation of the Red Bulls? Let us know in the comments.