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Red Bull Arena Seating Guide: The Goal Line

From corner kicks, to goal kicks, and goals being scored, the goal line has everything.

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Red Bull Arena Seating Guide

The Goal Line

Sections: 103, 116-120, 132, 201-203, 216-220, 232-233

Seating - Goal Line

Anytime a goal is scored, the Goal Line seats gets a first row view, and if they're lucky that it's the Red Bulls that scored, they'll get to celebrate with the team. We talked about three of sections that are part of the goal line club, the South Ward, a few days ago, so we won't talk about those sections again.

The goal line presents one of the unique experiences in Red Bull Arena as fans get to see all the action from behind the goal. The net does get in the way sometime, but it's an experience that can't be beat, especially if you happen to be sitting in the second deck.

Up in the second deck, fans get the unique experience of watching a play truly develop with a full view of the width of the field. While other seats in the second deck have this, being able to watch from in front of or behind the attack provides a different level of watching a play unfold. Will the ball go out wide to Lloyd Sam or will they keep it central for Bradley Wright-Phillips? Are they going to put in a long ball over the top? Fans in the goal line seats get a better of view of this than anyone else in the stadium.

If you are in the lower bowl, of course you are closer to the action. You get a better view of player reactions and may even be close enough to be part of it. You'll also get the teams warming up their substitutes and know first who is about to come into the match.

There's not a bad seat in the goal line sections, and it's a great match day experience.

EDIT: Based on Matt's suggestion, we want to point how the added benefit of siting in 232-203.