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Report: Swindon Town passes on Richard Eckersley

RBNY's former right back is still on the hunt for a new job.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Eckersley's most recent job was as the starting right back for the New York Red Bulls' 2014 playoff campaign. He did well, recovering from a memorably awful start to his RBNY career (two penalties conceded in his first four games) to reclaim the starting role he had lost and help the Red Bulls to their best post-season run since 2008.

But he was let go in the off-season as part of the standard MLS salary-cap shuffle, and he's been looking for a new gig ever since. Training stints with Elche and Southend United didn't deliver a contract, but he seemed to have found a promising line of inquiry with Swindon Town FC.

The League One club has a small and young squad. Eckersley represented needed depth and experience. And, as recently as mid-August, the club was hoping to add the 26-year-old to its roster.

But it is not to be. Reports out of Swindon state the full back has left the team and will not be signing a contract with the Robins.

Once A Metro will continue to seek news of the former RBNY player's activities.