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Report: Bradley Wright-Phillips will turn down Grenada call-up

The RBNY striker is reportedly not inclined to play international soccer this season.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There are days when's Kristian Dyer gives - such as when he unearthed yet another trialist last week: Chilean midfielder Santiago Dittborn - and days when he takes away. Monday, August 3, was a day for taking away: Dyer filed a report stating clearly and unequivocally that Bradley Wright-Phillips will not play for Grenada any time soon. The statement arrived just a day after the news that BWP was on Grenada's radar in the first place.

CONCACAF World Cup qualifying is the poorer for this news, since the region can always use a few more big names and there was the remote but enticing possibility that BWP and Grenada might end up in the same qualifying group as RBNY's Roy Miller and Kemar Lawrence (Costa Rica and Jamaica internationals respectively).

Unfortunately, per Dyer's report:

Wright-Phillips will politely decline an international call-up from Grenada to focus on club form.

The adverb tells you that is legit: the only time BWP isn't polite is when he's communicating with Yannick Bolasie in rhyme.

The news probably won't upset Grenada too greatly. There are reports linking the Spice Boyz to BWP dating back to 2009: clearly, the Grenada FA is possessed of great patience when it comes to persuading Wright-Phillips of the merits of international soccer in the Caribbean. For now, however, BWP will not be gracing CONCACAF's World Cup qualifiers with his presence.