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New York Red Bulls made a sweet Time Lapse video of NYC FC's last visit to RBA

This is worth a look...

Remember that time New York City FC came to visit Red Bull Arena and we sent 'em home to think again? RBNY's digital media wizards do, and they've condensed the match into 85 wonderful seconds. Watch it.

NYC FC heads back to Harrison on August 9, with almost a brand new team: Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard, Andoni Iraola, Jefferson Mena, Angelino. The pale-blue tenants of Yankee Stadium have put a lot of effort into being less bad than they were the last time they came calling on the New York Red Bulls.

Providing the adult-sized field at RBA doesn't cause them to descend into mass agoraphobia, we can expect NYC FC's new players to provide sterner opposition than the last bunch. But RBNY is a little more seasoned, more accustomed to its new tactical identity, and boosted by the arrival of Shaun Wright-Phillps - maybe even Gonzalo Veron.

There will be much to play for on August 9. And if we're lucky, maybe we'll get another sweet time-lapse video like this one out of it (as well as three points).