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Vote for Once A Metro's RBNY Goal of the Month: June Edition

Yes, it is August. But it is also a RBNY bye week - and we have some catching up to do.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

That is not a typo. We have some catching up to do here at Once A Metro, so indulge us and cast your mind back to June. We got a little distracted and lost sight of our Goal of the Month competition, and now we need to catch up so Goal of the Year can happen.

So...give some help with a vote for RBNY's best goal of the month of June. Between them, the New York Red Bulls and NYRB II scored 19 goals that month. We get to shortlist just four - so quite likely a favorite or two will be missing. Still, give us your vote!

Here are the nominees for RBNY Goal of the Month, June 2015 edition:

1. Anatole Abang's first goal in MLS (@ Houston Dynamo, June 5)

We're big Abang fans here at OaM, and his first goal in MLS had us all very excited. But it's nominated more for Marius Obekop's contribution. The build-up is slick: long ball to Roy Miller, effortlessly one-touched into the box for Obekop to collect. The young winger follows the movement of the ball, fakes a cross to buy space, then sends an actual cross into the six-yard box - but it is blocked. No problem: Obekop first-times a volley back across goal, and finds his target this time. Abang nods home from close range.

2. Sanchez Scorcher (@ FC Montreal, June 6)

This is a little involved, but worth the effort. Fast forward the video above to the 13:52 mark. Then watch in awe as Manolo Sanchez settles a lobbed pass on the run, looks up, and slaps a swerving shot off the post and into goal from outside the box.

(Honorable Mention: Leo Stolz's goal in this match was so good the cameras didn't catch it properly. If they had, it would be a candidate - but we can't ask you to vote for a goal you can't see. Fast forward to 53:43 to see - or not see - for yourself.)

3. Plewa knows where the goal is (@ Saint Louis FC, June 27)

Those who follow NYRB II closely have grown increasingly vocal about the play of Konrad Plewa as the season has progressed. This goal is only part of the reason for their excitement, which gives some idea of how impressive he has been recently.

Fast forward to the 0:58 mark and watch Plewa unleash an unstoppable, dipping drive from 20 yards out. Then check out Aaron Bauer's interview with him from mid-July.

4. Chris Duvall's first goal in MLS (@ NYC FC, June 28)

We probably won't see Duvall in action again this season, but at least he got a chance to score his first goal in MLS before he had his leg broken by the Cosmos.

This goal is created by Mike Grella's close control and willingness to take risks in the penalty area. He chips a high pass over the traffic around him to Anatole Abang, who wins the ball in the air and heads it back across goal .Duvall simply smashes a volley past the 'keeper - and scores the match-winner for RBNY on its first trip to play NYC FC at Yankee Stadium.

Simple question for you: which one is best? Vote for your favorite below (poll will be open until 11:59 pm, Sunday, September 6).