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Reports: Gonzalo Veron has signed for New York Red Bulls; official announcement tomorrow


Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

After the first whispers suggesting Gonzalo Veron might join the New York Red Bulls were accompanied by a flurry of anonymous confirmations, and the San Lorenzo club president said it as a done deal, and Veron himself bid his Argentine club farewell - all we were waiting for was the official RBNY press release and a picture of the player in a Red Bulls jersey.

We're still waiting for that official announcement, but Veron's signing has been anticipated for so long, there was increasing and understandable concern building within the fan base.

So the Red Bulls - bless 'em - took mercy on their fans and issued an extremely well-coordinated leak to the press pack that follows the team. Around 7:00 pm on Tuesday August 4, we were blessed by near simultaneous stories from the New York Post, Big Apple Soccer and Empire of Soccer.

It's rather wonderful when the media pulls together like that - well done, everyone.

None of the stories contains an official announcement: "sources" are credited for the news (which we already sort of had from San Lorenzo and the player himself) that the deal is done. But if you think that three separate news outlets all publish the same story at the same time because they coincidentally followed exactly the same timeline with their reporting...well, you may think what you please. Once A Metro calls that a press release: it's official word from the club at a time when, for some reason, it isn't ready to put the official word out.

The official announcement - as every one of the stories referenced above mentions - will be tomorrow (August 5).

Gonzalo Veron is officially a New York Red Bull - even if it pleases the club not to say so officially just yet.