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Unpopular soccer opinions about the Premier League

The Premier League kicks off today. We have opinions. You won't like them.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

The Premier League kicks off today. We have opinions. You won't like them. Here we go.

"The Premier League is not the Best league in the World"

Stop listening to advertisements and enjoy soccer. The Premier League has the most money in the world, no one is debating that. They have the most money because they were the first league to figure out how to make their television experience the best, and they got lucky that the value of television rights have exploded in the past 20 years. The soccer is clunky, boring, and drab, kind of like England itself. The FA cup is no different from any other cup in the world, and has just as much "magic." Don’t listen to NBC try and brainwash you to be a lackey that extolls the virtue of the PL and how it is soccer at its finest, while other people are just trying to entertain themselves to make themselves happy. Grow up, make decisions for yourself, and watch the soccer that makes you happy. That is the best league in the world. If it is the Premier League more power to you. Otherwise, shut uppppppp.

"Manchester United winning is good for the everyone

Manchester United are the most well supported club in the world. Many people also do not support Manchester United. They used to have a stranglehold over the Premier League and were good for a title every other year or so. Winning the Premier League would be good for the league, as many people around the world would celebrate that title. Many people would also hate it, and generate MASSIVE engagement and conversation. The branding potential is limitless. Also, it would force the rest of the league to catch up. The Premier League is a 4 team league, and if a weak Manchester United team won every other team would have to evaluate their practices and get that much stronger. Face it, everyone at heart loves MUFC. Bow down to your inner pressures.

"Admit it you're just jealous"

Every neutral or opposing fan hates clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City. They were both middling clubs until filthy rich people came and bought them and turned them into powerhouses. Fans of the sport don't hate these clubs because of some moral high ground of them buying trophies. People are jealous of these clubs because deep down they wish a rich guy prince would come bring their club to prominence. Everyone wants to win and when your club is the one enjoying the success you throw morals out of the window and don't ask questions. It's okay to hate these mediocre-turned-superpower clubs, but let's just be honest about the real reasons for our hatred.

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