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Poll: Help us name the day RBNY clinches a better season than NYCFC!

Is it time to start a new tradition?

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Not only did the New York Red Bulls become the first team this season to clinch a playoff berth after Sunday's 2-0 victory at the Portland Timbers, they also have clinched a better record than cross-river neighbors, New York City FC.  The win brings the Red Bulls' season point total to 48.  NYCFC's maximum points total for this season is 46.

Should we mark this occasion? Perhaps make it a day of general celebration on the RBNY calendar?

In 2010, Arsenal supporters created St. Totteringham's Day. It is the day when Arsenal secures more league points than rival Tottenham Hotspur can achieve. And St. Totteringham's Day is cause for massive celebration.

Can we simply appropriate and adapt the tradition of another club? Well, it's Arsenal. The Red Bulls have many links to Arsenal: Thierry Henry foremost among them; of the current squad, at minimum, Bradley Wright-Phillips and Lloyd Sam are Arsenal fans; RBNY won Emirates Cup in 2011 - Arsenal's preseason tournament; and there was that sold-out win over the Gunners in Harrison in 2014.

Arsenal has given RBNY many gifts in recent years. Why not one more? Of course, we cannot simply copy the entire thing. But we could just borrow the concept - with appropriate thanks - and adapt it for our purposes. That starts with a name. St. Totteringham's Day doesn't make much sense. We are not in north London. We are not invested in teasing Tottenham Hotspur. So if this is to be a thing for RBNY, it needs name. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and our handy poll below.

Now we are asking you, the reader & supporter, for your input.  We can begin this tradition right from start of NYCFC's existence.  #NYisRed.