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Report: Junior Flemmings' RBNY trial is over, but may continue this winter

Another trialist who we may see again in preseason.

Adam Jacobs/Getty Images

Jamaica youth international Junior Flemmings is no longer on trial with the New York Red Bulls, according to a report from's Kristian Dyer.

As Dyer had previously reported, the player's quest for a RBNY contract may have been curtailed by the club's lack of available international roster spots - at either the MLS or USL level.

However, it would be peculiar for a team to invite a player to trial for a place that cannot be offered. And RBNY has recently had a look at not one but three international players (we think; Green Cards aren't always details that make it into reporting on trialists): Flemmings plus Cameroonian teenager Hassan Ndam and Philippines international Luke Woodland.

Did the Red Bulls absent-mindedly extend themselves to bring players into training that they had no chance of signing? Probably not. We are told Ndam will return for another trial in the off-season. The team also hopes to have another look at Woodland. And Dyer's most recent report on Flemmings indicates the Jamaican may be offered a similar option, per comments from RBNY head coach Jesse Marsch:

Junior went back for now. We're looking at some potential possibilities for mostly next year.

The most recent influx of trialists to Red Bulls training would appear to have a lot more to do with plans for 2016 than the current season. And that forward-thinking is to be applauded. We may see all of these players or none of them contracted to RBNY next season. But it would appear the days of hastily rebuilding a squad in the off-season are over. The Red Bulls' roster-planning for 2016 is well under way.