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Report: Newcastle United's Siem De Jong interested in moving to "Los Angeles or New York" 2020

A sneak peek at the hot MLS transfer rumor of 2020, perhaps?

Pete Norton/Getty Images

You may know Siem De Jong as the player who scored twice in the 3-1 win over FC Twente in May 2011 that brought Ajax its first Eredivisie title since 2004. You may know him as the player who scored in the match that clinched the league title for Ajax in the 2011-12 season. Or the captain of the Ajax teams that won the Eredivisie in the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons. He won a lot of trophies with Ajax.

Alternatively, you may know De Jong as the player who joined Newcastle United in 2014, commanding a transfer fee reported to be in excess of $9 million, and was subsequently sidelined by a succession of injuries. The Daily Mail points out he has played "one hour of top-flight football in the past 12 months."

And that is also why you may not know Siem De Jong: he has pretty much vanished from the soccer scene since misfortune blighted his move to England.

He is a talented player, nonetheless. And Newcastle's recent lack of attacking spark may see him returned to the Magpies' starting lineup in EPL sooner rather than later. Also, according to comments reported by the Newcastle Chronicle, he wants to come to MLS. Eventually.

I am adventurous even though I stayed with Ajax for seven years. I would certainly look at the end of my career towards New York or Los Angeles.

"Los Angeles or New York", eh? Well, De Jong also says he wants to see out his contract with Newcastle - which puts him back on the market for a club in 2020, by which time he will be 31. Certainly closer to the end of his career than he is now, injury problems notwithstanding. And by 2020, he should have four clubs to choose from in his preferred cities (assuming he limits his choice to MLS teams): LA Galaxy, LA FC, NYCFC and the New York Red Bulls. Though if RBNY is still playing RalfBall in 2020, De Jong would be unlikely to be considered a transfer target.

Still, if you want a preview of one of the subjects of MLS transfer rumors in the summer of 2020, keep an eye on Newcastle United this season.