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Rumor: Tyler Adams on trial with RB Leipzig?

First it was Davis, now it's Adams?

Elsa/Getty Images

A few days ago we reported that Sean Davis was possibly trialing with Red Bull Leipzig's U-23 team in Germany. At the time, it was also noted that recently signed Tyler Adams was also in Germany. It seems that Adams' trip was more than just sightseeing, as he took part in another RB Leipzig youth match, although this time with the U-19 squad, which faced off with Bayern Munich's U-19s (the match on was Saturday).

Huge credit to Twitter use @crankRBL for keeping track of New York's guys in Germany. When asked if this was indeed a trial for the two players, here's what he had to say.

crankRBL also pointed out that the U-23s and U-19s have matches coming up, with the U-19s playing Wednesday and the U-23s playing Friday. Neither player is officially set to appear in the matches, but according to crankRBL there are indicators that the players could make appearances (with nothing tipping RB Leipzig's hand). After that, both teams are scheduled to travel to Turkey, and it was suggested that if both players travel with the teams at that point, there's a real chance they may be offered contracts.

FIFA regulations (page 17) make international transfers of U-18 hard to approve. Tyler Adams is currently 16 years old, with a birthday coming up in February, making him 18 in 2017. If he did want to transfer as a U-18, he would need to be already playing in Europe, have his parents move there, or be within 50 kilometers of the border of the country he would play in. None of those conditions are met at istime, so Adams probably wouldn't be eligible to leave until the Summer windows of 2017.

It seems like both of New York Red Bulls' young players are there for a serious look, which isn't surprising given the look Matt Miazga got last season when he traveled to Qatar for a few days of training. New York's academy has been spinning out high profile players as of late, Tyler Adams one of them

We'll see what happens with the players in the coming weeks.