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Sean Davis confirmed to be training with Red Bull Leipzig

The midfielder has apparently caught the eye of Germany.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Davis has been a busy boy lately. The New York Red Bulls midfielder has been taking in the sights of Europe, especially the training facilities of Red Bull Leipzig.

A photo posted by Sean Davis (@seanakiradavis) on

We reported over the weekend that the midfielder was training with Red Bull Leipzig, the German side of the Red Bull soccer family. Given the picture above, posted on Sean Davis' own Instagram page, it's fairly clear that he is indeed across the pond.

As we also reported on earlier today, fellow teammate Tyler Adams is also currently training with Red Bull Leipzig. The two players are with the U-23 (Davis) and U-19 (Adams) teams at the moment, and may appear in another match each during the coming week. The U-23s are scheduled to play on Friday and the U-19s on Wednesday, before both teams head off to Turkey.

With the MLS season starting on March 6th, the players will need to report back to the United States in the next week or two for the start of pre-season.