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Quote Sheet: New York Red Bulls select Zachary Carroll in 2016 MLS Draft

Reactions from the player, Jesse, and Curtis.

Jason Iapicco

Zachory Carroll

How do you feel to be drafted by the Red Bulls?

It feels awesome, it's a dream come true. I can't think of a more perfect team to come to.

Why is that?

Everyone loves the big city. Pro soccer has been what I have wanted to do my whole life. To be able to make the next move is just an unreal experience.

How do you feel you'll fit in with RBNY's backline?

I think it'll be a great fit. The older guys will help me learn and move forward with my career, and the young guys too who have been there and, I think it'll be a perfect fit for me.

Style of play

I'm a very calm player on the ball. I like playing out of the back. A big strong defender, I like using my body and winning header. Also, just the knack of making plays, whether it's goal line clearances or big shots.

Jesse Marsch

How do you envision the backline coming together, especially with Perrinelle & Duvall injuries?

Well, we have depth, and now certainly with these two additions it makes it even deeper. Damien we hope will be ready by the end of May, so, you know, Zac helps us bolster that depth until we get Damien back. Both Karl Ouimette and Matt Miazga have national team responsibilities at different times. We think Chris Duvall will be back and be healthy and ready to go for preseason. So, all in all when you look at the back line now we have been able to solidify most of the positions and feel like moving forward, we have good youth that will be ready in a few years to start to take things over.

Ali Curtis

Do you think you are happy with what you were able to get at the draft today?

Yes, we're very excited, we were able to bring aboard the players that we were. So we're very excited. We going to have a lot of competition at a lot of different spots come preseason and it should be a lot of fun. A lot of youth that we are bringing into the team so it's very exciting.

Are the two defenders you drafted any indication about Miazga leaving?

We actually had a lot of the homegrown players that we signed, they either played midfield or striker. So, you know, if you take those guys coupled in with who we drafted, it's a pretty balanced group. So that was really the thinking that went into the players that we drafted and where they played.

What do you like about the guys you picked today?

Well, first and foremost we think they're good guys. You know, really good human beings that can fit well with our group and also in the locker room, and so first and foremost they're good guys and we like what they can do. They're good soccer players, we're looking forward to getting them into preseason to start that process so it should be a lot of fun, and they should fit the way we play very well so we have to get them going into preseason.

What about Zac impressed you?

We know Zac very well, we have been following him for a while. He actually played for the same youth club that I played for. We know a lot of guys in the Michigan/Michigan State area, just from local connections. He's big, he's strong, he's good in the tackle, so we'll have to get him up to speed on exactly the way we play, our style of play, but we think he can be a really talented player, and he has a lot of upside. So, he'll have to earn it for sure but we think really highly of him.