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What if New York Red Bull players were spokespeople?

Would you buy something sponsor by a RBNY player?

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

This week's wrap-up show for The Football Ramble included a fun little bit where the boys were trying to figure out what managers would be good spokespeople, and what company that would represent. We thought it was a funny bit, which of course means we need to apply it to the New York Red Bulls. Here's a few ideas for what companies Red Bull players, manager, and TV personality would represent.

Player Company Type Reasoning
Sean Davis Moving Company He helped Jose Mourhino leave his office at Chelsea, so why not speak to experience?
Damien Perrinelle Private Security He's not afraid to shut you down, and get dirty doing so.
Mike Grella Dance Instruction Seriously, with that footwork, how does that not make sense?
Matt Miazga Batting Instruction Did you see that form at Yankee Stadium? Dude should've went pro.
Jesse Marsch Men's Suits Mike Petke had his sweaters, Marsch has his suits.
Lloyd Sam Lawn Care That chop move does more than mess up defenders, it saves the Red Bulls on mowing costs.
Shep Messing Agent (Any) Doesn't matter who you are, he knows a guy.

What do you think? What other pairings would make sense? Let us know in the comments.