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The New York Red Bulls are in Jordan Morris' Debt

Thanks Jordan Morris!

It's that time of the year again. The time when everyone gathers around the table, eats some turkey, and says what they're thankful for.

Wait, it's not Thanksgiving? It's January? Oh well... Be that as it may, I'd like to say I am thankful for Jordan Morris. Yeah, all his goals with Stanford are exciting to watch and his play for the US Men's National Team is great and all, but what I am really thankful for is what he's done for Major League Soccer, and more importantly, for the New York Red Bulls.

See, now that Jordan Morris is "training" with Werder Bremen in Germany , and it appears he may not come to MLS and Seattle at all, I believe it's time to thank Jordan Morris for everything he did for the league by never appearing in it.

Because of Jordan Morris, and pretty much him alone, MLS significantly upped the money devoted to Homegrown players . Despite Morris being it's intended target, the new $125k for Homegrown players goes to every team, and who better to utilize it than the Red Bulls. The combination of having a well-established academy, pro-ready prospects, and a current club culture focused on pushing through young talent means New York was in an ideal position to capitalize.

The aim this offseason was always to get younger, and with or without that money New York was going to sign 2 Homegrowns, give or take. But, with all the new Jordan Morris money, New York was able to sign an astounding 6 Homegrown players this offseason. It's likely some of these players won't make in MLS, some may be cut and resigned to NYRBII before the season starts, but that's okay. All thanks Jordan Morris the New York Red Bulls have been able to fully utilize the academy, and now have more young talent on the roster than pretty much any team in MLS. Then, with Morris possibly going to Germany, New York won't even have to compete against him. Win-Win-Win.

And that's why New York Red Bulls fans should be thankful for Jordan Morris this New Year.