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Twitter makes waiting for MLS schedule fun

Social media is good for somethings...

Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images

I'm not normally one of those people who likes to see others suffer (unless they are D.C. United fans), but I have to admit, waiting for the schedule is fun. On twitter, people are anxious for the schedule to be released. Fans and media alike took to twitter biting their nails for the imminent release. Here's some of the best of the waiting game:

Mark Fishkin

Mark is of course a Red Bulls fan, and host of the podcast Seeing Red, and he was probably seeing red (bad pun, yes) while waiting for the schedule to drop.

Trevor Hayward

Hayward, for those who don't know, is the producer of Soccer Morning and The Best Soccer Show.

MLS & the New England Revolution

The league and the only team with a 1996 logo have been preparing for the new 10,000 word limit, practicing e-mail over twitter

Random People

And here's how some random people reacted.

Side note: who wants to go to Canada for summer, let alone ever?

What was your favorite reactions? Let us know in the comments.