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New York Red Bulls will travel 1.2 times around the earth this year

Get ready for some travelling.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Yesterday the schedule for the New York Red Bulls was released. While fans are planning some away trips, especially to NYC FC, Philadelphia, New England, and D.C. The Red Bulls travel team has some serious planning to do though. Here's how much the Red Bulls are going to travel for the MLS regular season in 2016.

These distances were calculated from Red Bull Arena to each team's stadium, using great circle (basically flying) distances.

Home/Away Opponent Round Trip Distance (miles)
Home Toronto FC 0
Away Montreal Impact 670
Home Houston Dynamo 0
Away New England Revolution 354
Home Sporting Kansas City 0
Away San Jose Earthquakes 5092
Away Colorado Rapids 3230
Home Orlando City SC 0
Home FC Dallas 0
Away Orlando City SC 1876
Away D.C. United 394
Home Chicago Fire 0
Away New York City FC 26
Home Toronto FC 0
Home Seattle Sounders 0
Away Real Salt Lake 3930
Away Columbus Crew SC 936
Away New York City FC 26
Home Portland Timbers 0
Home Orlando City SC 0
Away Philadelphia Union 180
Home New York City FC 0
Away Chicago Fire 1426
Away LA Galaxy 4894
Home Montreal Impact 0
Away D.C. United 394
Home New England Revolution 0
Away Vancouver Whitecaps 4842
Home D.C. United 0
Away Toronto FC 672
Home Montreal Impact 0
Home Philadelphia Union 0
Home Columbus Crew SC 0
Away Philadelphia Union 180
Total Distance 29122

Here's some facts for the travel this year.

Shortest Travel: NYC FC (Yankee Stadium) - 26 miles round trip

Longest Travel: San Jose (Avaya Stadium) - 5092 miles round trip

Average Travel Distance (Road Games Only): 1713.06 miles

NJ Turnpike: The NJ Turnpike is 122.4 miles long. If you drove the Turnpike, you would have to make 237.92 trips to match the Red Bulls' travel.

Garden State Parkway: The Parkway is 172.4 miles lone. You would have to make 168.92 trips to match the Red Bulls' travel.

Earth's Circumference: One trip around the earth is 24,091 miles. The Red Bulls' schedule would take them around the earth 1.21 times.