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An introduction to Sean Davis for RB Leipzig fans

Who is this mystery player in the RB Leipzig U-23s mid-season training camp?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

According to the online rumor mill, Sean Davis is playing for Red Bull Leipzig today. Once A Metro was asked to provide a little information:

Here's what Leipzig fan's should know about him. Treat him well, he deserves it.

Who is Sean Davis? An introduction for Leipzig fans.

Name: Sean Akira Davis

Born: February 8th, 1993 (22 years old) - Long Branch, New Jersey

Height: 6' 0" (1.83 m)

Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)

Position: Central Midfielder

Prior experience:

New York Red Bulls Academy: 2009-2011 / 52 games, 4 goals

Duke University: 2011-2014 / 65 games, 8 goals, 13 assists

New York Red Bulls: 2014-current / 14 games, 1 assist

Playing style:

Two-way midfielder, very capable in the high press. Has the creativity to play as a #10 as well, though unlikely to be elite there.


Deadly from free-kicks, accurate on corners as well.


Strong close control and passing, good finishing for a midfielder. Reads the game well, his positioning adds well to his defensive play. Smart soccer player, hides his own deficiencies well, can adapt to a variety of midfield roles and styles. Team player and capable leader.


Solid physical player but unspectacular. Little professional experience, untested, and still learning. Doesn't have super high ceiling (already 22).  Doesn't speak German.