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Rumor: Napoli circling Miroslav Klose

Another European club is allegedly hunting for a Klose snub.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Having flirted with Australia's A-League, allegedly signed for MLS, and been said to be eyeing a move to China, out-of-contract striker Miroslav Klose is now linked with a move back to the league he just left: Corriere dello Sport suggeststhe 38-year-old is being considered as a stop-gap solution to Napoli's sudden Arkadisuz-Milik-shaped vacancy.

The Polish striker tore his ACL during recent Poland's 3-2 win over Denmark, and Napoli could perhaps use a little squad depth to tide the club over until Milik recovers or the January transfer window opens. Klose fits that bill.

Edy Reja - a coach with links to both Napoli and Klose's former club, Lazio - thinks it's a solid plan. Reja told Napoli-based Radio Kiss Kiss that "someone like him can always make a difference."

Over in Germany, Bild is predictably excited at the prospect of Klose finally breaking cover and getting back on the field. T-Online tried and failed to get Napoli to comment on the rumor.

Klose's most recent appearances on the rumor mill have been in the context of his alleged rejection of European suitors in favor of...well, Legia Warsaw said it was MLS and Deportivo La Coruna said China. "Klose turns down Napoli for Qatar move" coming soon to a headline near you?