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Jurgen Klinsmann: Kljestan "absolutely under consideration" for USA clash with Mexico

Just three months ago Sacha Kljestan couldn't even manage so much as a USMNT camp invite. But after four straight appearances for Jurgen Klinsmann, Kljestan is on the verge of a starting role in the Hex.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

To think that in a mere six weeks Sacha Kljestan has gone from an oft-snubbed former USMNT player to a probable starter in one of the biggest matches from now until 2018 is simply remarkable.

Per, following the 1-1 draw against New Zealand in which Kljestan played the full 90 minutes, Klinsmann declared that Kljestan is "absolutely under consideration for Mexico" in the November 11 World Cup Qualifying clash.

"He’s absolutely under consideration for Mexico," Klinsmann said. "He took this opportunity just the perfect way. He was hungry for that moment, and he knew that he has to come in here and make a difference."

Kljestan was a late addition to the USMNT squad in September following an injury to John Brooks after going two full years without so much as an invite to Klinsmann's camp.

The Red Bulls No. 10 quickly justified his selection as he scored two goals and added two assists in World Cup qualifiers against Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago - demonstrating beautiful chemistry with USMNT starlet Christian Pulisic in the process - en route to two wins and qualification for The Hex.

The 31-year-old Kljestan is obviously not as young as Jurgen Klinsmann would prefer - he was the oldest player on the roster for the 1-1 draw against New Zealand - but his skill with the ball is demonstrably among the best of any No. 10 option Klinsmann has, and his recent form for club and country has been absolutely spectacular.

Even if Klinsmann feels Kljestan's performance in October doesn't justify giving the Red Bulls superstar the start in the big clash with Mexico, it feels safe to say at this point that his play has warranted a regular spot on Klinsmann's call-up list.