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Rumor: Miroslav Klose training with TSV 1860 Munich

The rumor mill will not stop spinning out Klose stories.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The rumor mill really wants Miroslav Klose to go somewhere, and Once A Metro is tagging along because many months ago he was linked to the New York Red Bulls, and more recently it was suggested he had signed a contract to play in MLS.

Both those rumors have subsequently been swamped by wave upon wave of Klose news and gossip, the most recent of which was the suggestion that he was on Napoli's radar. But the Napoli story was quickly countered by suggestion out of Italy that the club's manager - Maurizio Sarriisn't interested in signing a 38-year-old striker who has been out of work since the summer.

Eager to ensure that not a day passes without an active Klose-to-somewhere rumor, the gossip-mongers have found a new candidate: TSV 1860 Munich.

A story attributed to (do let OaM know if you can find it) suggests Klose has been training with the 2. Bundesliga club, to stay fit and perhaps with a view to joining the team.

Another German outlet might have got closer to the truth: reports fan excitement over a picture showing Klose at 1860 Munich's training ground. But the report carries explanation from a club spokesperson:

Once a week there is a kick from various former players...Jens Lehmann, Benny Lauth, Thomas Hitzlsperger or various other residing in Munich, are there about this. Mr. Klose has since taken part in the past week.

The rumor mill will have to find another target for Klose.