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Angry seat at Red Bull Arena demands New York Red Bulls season ticket holders renew

RBNY's marketing department has made use of the bye week to animate the furniture at Red Bull Arena.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the deadline to renew season tickets for the New York Red Bulls. You can still, of course, get a season ticket tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that - RBNY isn't going to turn you away - but if you don't renew by today, you are no longer guaranteed the seat you had in 2016 will be yours for 2017.

RBNY is communicating this via an animated seat at Red Bull Arena.

An angry, animated seat.

Credit the Red Bulls with having some fun with the marketing tools at their disposal. Whether the campaign is a success will presumably be made clear when reports start drifting in about RBNY's season ticket numbers for 2017.

If the seat is to become a regular part of RBNY's communication with its season ticket holders, Once A Metro would be interested to hear its opinion on Gonzalo Veron's apparent isolation at the club, or whether attendance is in any way a relevant measure of the success or failure of NYRB II.