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The New York Red Bulls asked a question on Twitter and didn't get the answer they wanted

What's that? Yes, it is kind of a slow news day - why do you ask?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls haven't played a competitive game of soccer since October 1, which is good for the players' need for a little time to rest up for the regular season run-in and the playoffs.

But while the players are out of sight, the club has to find ways to keep itself visible. In part for the simple reason that it employs people for that very purpose and they have the thankless task of showing up to work to do something whether there is any soccer being played or not.

RBNY's prolonged quiet time has seen off-the-pitch activities get more of the spotlight.

And we have been visited by a talking seat with a passion for ticket sales:

And buried in the club's various charitable and promotional works, the modern-day mainstay of digital marketing efforts: the Twitter poll.

Of course, the danger of engaging with fans is that the wrong fans might choose to be engaged.


Can't win 'em all, RBNY. Just #AskNYCFC.

The blue newbies' marketing department seems to be the victim of unintended consequences more often than most.

About time, perhaps, that NYCFC fans got to entertain themselves at RBNY's expense.

For their part, those Red Bull employees charged with keeping the club's digital media channels active in sunshine or in rain appear to be taking the Friday-afternoon hijacking of a Twitter poll with exactly the level of concern it deserves.