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New York Red Bulls II will host USL Cup Final on October 23

NYRB II gets the Cup final it has always deserved for its regular season effort: one played at home.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After changing its policy regarding the hosting of its Championship game, and implicitly threatening to yank the match from notoriously lightly-supported league champion NYRB II (if NYRB II got that far), USL has settled on the solution it once appeared to be hoping to avoid: Red Bull Arena will host the USL Cup final.

NYRB II is the top-seeded team in the final, and Swope Park Rangers certainly has no objection to the arrangement, if the Kansas City club's General Manager can be taken as a reliable source.

All's well that ends well. USL's 2016 Cup will be decided the same way all USL Cups have been decided since 2011: with the finalist with the better regular-season record hosting the match.

The match between NYRB II and Swope Park Rangers will kick off at 8:00 pm on October 23, at Red Bull Arena.