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Report: New York Red Bulls' Brazilian trialists being considered for first team spots

RBNY very much wants us to be aware that there are a couple of guys from RB Brasil in training.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the New York Red Bulls let slip - via Eric Giacometti - that there were two trialists in camp, visiting from Red Bull Brasil.

On Friday, the club repeated the news, a little bit louder; suggesting this is something RBNY really wants us to hear. The Red Bulls don't always talk up their trialists: young Honduran Douglas Martinez passed through on trial recently and we'd know nothing of his experience but for the reporting of Eduardo Solano. But RBNY wants us to be aware of Joao Gabriel and Vitor Hugo Perusses.

In part because their presence points to RBNY's ever-growing comfort with its place in the Red Bull Global Soccer family. A place that Jesse Marsch implied is more significant than previously imagined:

We’re continuing to try and build a relationship with all of our subsidiaries

Subsidiaries? Show us an org chart when you get a chance, Jesse. It would be interesting to learn more about all RBNY's subsidiaries.

The 20-year-old players might be assumed to be auditioning for spots with NYRB II in USL, but Big Apple Soccer's Kristian Dyer reported Marsch is keeping an open mind:

I think those guys are with an eye for the first team but always potential for the USL team as well.

The first team's needs for 2017 aren't immediately obvious to fans, since the 2016 roster is still in place and about to launch its bid for MLS Cup, but clearly RBNY management has an eye on next year's squad (as it should). And perhaps the 2017 New York Red Bulls will further the club's advance toward ever greater synergy with its subsidiaries RB Global.